Our Star League program is accessible for many gymnasts. With a smooth transition from recreation to friendly competition, the attainable time commitment and team-first dynamic ensure a fun and positive experience for all. Please speak to our Member Services Team or your child’s coach to inquire about joining Star League.


This program is broken into three divisions:

Single A: Participants ages 6-12 who have completed Learn Gymnastics 1 and have skills equivalent to Learn Gymnastics 2 & 3.

Double A: Participants ages 6-13 who have skills equivalent to Learn Gymnastics 3 & 4, or are promoted from Single A.

Triple A: Participants ages 6-14 who have skills equivalent to Learn Gymnastics 4 & 5, or are promoted from Double A.




Star League has Fall and Spring meet seasons. Meets are held on Saturday afternoons with 4-5 competitions per season. As competitions are for the team, gymnasts are expected to attend all meets. Star League has an additional competition fee for each season and a team leotard.

Check our Intramural Star League Class Schedule to see when we hold classes at all SGA locations.

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