Just like Indoor Playground, Sensory Playground is a single-serving event (register / attend only the events you want to come to!) in an open-gym style. Participants can play in their own way, at their own speed (following our safety rules, of course) on all our fun equipment; including soft foam pits, squishy mats, bouncy trampolines, low balance beams, a big springy floor, bars for hanging, and so much more!

Currently Sensory Playground is offered at our Lake City (28th Ave) and Burien locations on a bi-weekly schedule:

  • Lake City: every other Saturday, 12:30-1:30pm
  • Burien: every other Sunday, 12:45-1:45pm
  • Adult / caregiver participation is required to help ensure safe participation.

If you have any questions about Sensory Playground or your child’s attendance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Lake City campus, 28th Ave. gym: lakecity@seattlegymnastics.com206.362.7447, or Burien: burien@seattlegymnastics.com / 206.558.2977



6-17 years, and must be accompanied by an adult caregiver.

If you have a child outside of this range, please call us to discuss.


$10 per child

Event Length

1 hour

What else to know:

  • Adult / caregiver participation is required to help ensure safe participation.
  • Pre-registration is required to ensure SGA is able to provide safe and high-quality experience for all. Pre-register for any individual event you wish to attend!
  • Before first attendance, student must have development specific conditions documented in their MY SGA account to attend, and an online parent-signed waiver needs to be completed.

Rules for Indoor Playground:

  • Adults must actively supervise and stay with their children at all times. SGA staff is on the floor to help remind of rules, direct traffic, and create a fun environment.
  • Only children are allowed on the equipment.
  • Socks for adults, bare-feet for children. No shoes allowed on the gym surfaces.
  • Some equipment is off limits, such as High Beams and High Bars.
  • One child per trampoline, including the Tumbl Trak.
  • The Tumble Trak is one direction only.
  • Only jump feet-or-bottoms-first in the foam pit. Diving head-or-stomach-first is dangerous.
  • Please change diapers in the Restrooms and dispose of soiled diapers in the Diaper Genie.
  • If your child has a potty accident, please notify SGA staff immediately so appropriate cleaning may be done.
The best place I've yet found in Seattle to bring a young kid where they can do just about whatever they want. This place would have been a dream when I was a kid. Foam pits, trampolines, bouncy floors, rope swings, rings, and large foam blocks in vinyl for climbing.

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