Exciting news! If you haven’t already seen / heard, SGA Columbia City has expanded to include an adjacent building! In our same building complex in the location that used to be the Puppy Perfecters, we’ve set up an absolutely wonderful space for all things preschool: our preschool gymnastics classes, Indoor Playground, and even an academic preschool (part of The Seattle Preschool family!)

All preschool-age gymnastics classes plus Indoor Playground have moved to the new Preschool Annex space as of Tuesday, September 5. Don’t worry, we’ll have all the same equipment, coaches, and fun – just in a new place!

Check out videos of the space on our FacebookInstagram, or YouTube!

Our intention for the expansion to the Preschool Annex is two-fold: one, we had for years been wanting to expand The Seattle Preschool academic program to Columbia City, as we think it will be a great addition and perfect fit for the neighborhood. And as we were setting up a brand new academic preschool in the new space, we realized it would be a great opportunity to move all our preschool-age gymnastics classes to the new space as well, so we can have 8,300 sq.ft. all to ourselves!

This will then in turn free up additional space and capacity in the main gym to expand programs and class space / selection. A win/win for everyone!

The address for the Preschool Annex is:
3730 S. Dawson St, Seattle, WA, 98118

Of course if you have any issues locating it, just come in to the main gym and we’ll be happy to show you.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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