Undoubtedly you’ve seen some of the brightly colored, lively printed Girl Power Sport leotards jumping, balancing and flipping around the SGA gyms. But the story behind the brand’s founder and mission goes beyond the fun fabric. From the message (encouraging girls to be strong, active and goal-driven), to the production (all leos are made here in Washington, many in partnership with the Refugee Artisan Initiative), and commitment to charity ($1 of every GPS item goes directly to local and women-powered charities, with an additional $1 SGA match), Girl Power Sport strives to support our local community and empower girls to be their best. We asked Lisa Fairman, Founder & Owner of Girl Power Sport, to tell us more about the brand’s inception and driving force.

Why did you decide to start Girl Power Sport?

As a ‘mompreneur,’ I wanted to create a company that encourages girls to be strong, active and goal driven. I was born with a heart defect that limited my activity level. After a number of heart surgeries, I set a goal to have an active lifestyle. So far, I have beat the odds and have run 23 marathons and three 50k’s. I wanted my children to learn the importance of hard work and perseverance on the field as an athlete as well as all aspects of their lives, and I wanted to create a brand that empowers girls to be their best and test their limits. Through dance, gymnastics and sports, girls learn to be assertive, work as a team and test their abilities and strength. I want girls who wear my products to feel pride, feel assertive, feel the sense of team and above all, feel they can beat the odds while maintaining a sense of kindness for others.

You are local to the Seattle area, how has that inspired your company or products?

My step daughter Alice was a gymnast at Seattle Gymnastics for 6 years. I spent many years watching her compete and have a love of the sport. My daughter Faith also has spent time in gymnastics. You will notice in our Girl Power Sport video that we filmed it at the lid park on Mercer Island with views of Seattle in the back ground. I love the outdoor and active lifestyle that is prevalent in the NW. I also grew up as a cardiology patient at Seattle Children’s. Our company donates to the cardiology fund and I love giving back to Seattle Children’s where I spent so much time and received such great care.

What does “Girl Power” mean to you?

Girl Power to me means changing the world through kindness and giving back to the society that allows them to compete. When girls stand together and support one another we can accomplish anything. Many companies say they are socially aware and where we differ is our promise that we will always give at least $1 to the charity each leotard represents. All of the charities share our belief in molding strong, courageous and kind young women.

As you mentioned, Girl Power Sport donates a dollar of each purchase to various charities. Can you tell us how you select those charities or what they mean to you?

All of our charities support goal driven and active girls. We love to see girls have strong mentors who encourage girls to pursue all of their dreams. You can find all the charities Girl Power supports here.

You partner on some of your production with the Refugee Artisan Initiative – can you tell us more about this?

We have increased our sewing production and are partnering with an amazing non-profit from Seattle, Refugee Artisan Initiative. All of the profits the Initiative makes on production goes directly to these amazing women right here in the Seattle area. Some of our leotard sewing, and all of our team jackets for Seattle Gymnastics Academy were made by refugees. I plan to continue to work with these wonderful ladies on future products, it is a great organization!

Here is a short clip about Refugee Artisan.

Finally, but most importantly, what is your favorite thing about gymnastics?

I love to see girls using their mental and physical energy and strength. Gymnastics embodies those attributes and I love the sense of community as the girls support each other as a team and also individuals. I also have seen such wonderful coaches in the gymnastics community who are wonderful mentors to their gymnasts in all aspects of their lives.

Thank you, Lisa! You can find Girl Power Sport inside all SGA location’s Pro Shops. For each item sold, $1 goes to a local charity with SGA matching an additional dollar. 

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