Due to class ratios, safety and the structure of our programs, make-up classes are NOT offered. By registering for programs, a class spot is secured for the participant, whether they attend or not.

However, we do understand life happens and for a number of reasons, classes are missed from time to time. And so, SGA provides resources to help gymnasts retain momentum and physical activity while they are out of the gym (as well as help make additional progress even if classes are not missed).

SGA Strong at Home Video Library

These videos are designed to help gymnasts in the path to skill progression by offering strength training, flexibility, skill drills and more – that can safely be done at home with objects from around the house. Some of our recreational gymnasts might only get to the gym once a week – but each class in the gym can be enhanced with lessons at home! Lessons can also help kids achieve the suggested need for 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Content in the video library is divided into the categories of:

  • Content for Preschoolers (ages 2-4Y)
  • Warm-ups, Stretching & Flexibility
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Skill Development Drills – Co-Ed
  • Skill Development Drills – Women’s Events
  • Skill Development Drills – Men’s Events

Please ensure that your gymnast only works on videos that are skill-appropriate for them, in a safe environment.

To access the Strong at Home Video Library, visit the My SGA page and find the “SGA Strong at Home Video Library” section. Click the link, and you will be asked for a password. You will find the password (and also a link to access the library) in your “upcoming classes” section of your SGA account. Once the password is entered, you’re ready to go! Please note: the password will be periodically updated.

Gym Time

An hour-long event providing a semi-structured environment for currently enrolled students (age 6+) with additional time in the gym to work on specific events and skills. While not formal instruction, SGA coaches are staffed and available to provide assistance and supervision so gymnasts can safely work on skills that have already been introduced to them in their weekly classes.

Gym Time costs $5 per session and is only available for currently enrolled students. Learn more and view the Gym Time schedule.


Our Member Services Staff can answer any questions you have about missed classes and assist you with access to SGA’s Strong at Home Video Library or Gym Time enrollment.

If extenuating circumstances occur – an injury, an illness, an extended vacation, etc – that requires a gymnast to miss numerous classes, we will always try our best to work together with you to find a solution that both allows accommodation of your family’s life, and your child to continue at SGA afterward.

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