SGA believes it’s important to keep class sizes smaller, in order to keep instruction quality high. Therefore, some classes will already be full and not available to immediately join. When classes are full, we offer waitlists to join when a spot is available (you will see a waitlist option in the online enrollment platform). A family may join up to three class waitlists at any given time.

How waitlist spots are offered

We prioritize our waitlist on three levels:

  1. First, open positions are offered to students awaiting a promotion (whether this be a preschool gymnast moving to the next age group, or a gymnast moving to the next level, i.e., from Learn Gymnastics 1 to Learn Gymnastics 2).
  2. Next, if open spots remain after promoted students are contacted, we contact currently enrolled students needing to change their day or time of class due to scheduling conflicts.
  3. Finally, we offer openings to new families.

It is important to understand that we contact every family in the same priority level at the same time, meaning, all families awaiting a promotion are notified at the same time when a spot is available, and is then filled on a first come, first served basis.

How waitlist class openings are notified, and how to claim a spot

When a space becomes available in a class, each of the priority levels (as listed above) are contacted at the same time via email, and for those with the SGA app, a real-time push notification.

If you would like to claim the spot, you will need to call us as soon as possible, as spots are filled on a first come, first served basis. At this time, we are not able to accept email replies. If you have the SGA app, you can call us directly from the app, otherwise find our phone numbers here.

Waitlist waiting times

It is difficult to provide a duration a family will spend on a waitlist, as it greatly depends on the demand for that particular age / skill level, or the day or time as some are more popular than others (i.e., classes immediately after schooltime are typically more full than later in the evening).

This said, our Member Services Teams are constantly working to move students and clear waitlists as much as possible. They can also help better advise what you can expect on a particular waitlist, and if there is an option with a probable lesser wait-time available. You can always contact us with any questions or to discuss options.

It is our top priority to get new gymnasts placed into a class that fits a family’s needs as soon as possible.


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