One of our core commitments to our staff (and by proxy, our students) is continuing education. We place a high importance on ensuring our coaches and all our staff are supported in their pursuit of providing safe, progressive, high-quality gymnastics instruction.

This education can take the form of online trainings and seminars as well as in-person clinics. One of our favorite, biggest in-person education clinics is our own SGA University; a weekend coinciding with National Gymnastics Day.

The weekend of National Gymnastics Day, Saturday, September 16, we will be closed for classes and activities so that we can once again get everyone together at the Ballard gym for a day full of continued education, skill building and team camaraderie! We will have seven veteran, expert guest presenters from all around the country joining us to enhance our coaching skills for all programs; preschool, recreational, competitive, customer relations, adaptive teaching for children with special needs, and everything in-between. This hands-on opportunity is important for our coaches to refine and learn new spotting and shaping techniques as well as class-management skills.

Throughout the day our staff will enjoy catered meals while they attend a rotation of different clinics, chosen by them, that are both relevant to their current coaching repertoire, and can help them build new skills to broaden their abilities and further their career.

To our families with Saturday classes: This closure has already been factored into your September tuition. Anyone enrolled in a Saturday class will see a pro-rated tuition charge applied to your account. We want to thank you for your support, and understanding the importance of this educational opportunity.

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